How to get an elder to cut their toenails?

How to get an elder to cut their toenails?

Try clipping toenails after a warm bath or soak as this softens toenails and makes them easier to cut. Try using a footstool so the elderly person can place their foot on that to cut their toenails. Make sure it is non-slip so they have.

There are long-handled toenail scissors and long-handled clippers. There are also toenail clippers attached to a heavy base.

Starting at the corner of your toenail, take small cuts to prevent splintering. Don’t round your toenail at the corner. Instead, cut straight across. This reduces your chance of developing an ingrown toenail.

They should be looking for any cracks, cuts, ingrown toenails or other problems. If any of these are noticed, they should see their doctor right away.

See your doctor if:

  • Your thickened toenail embarrasses you
  • Your thickened toenail is very painful
  • You don’t think you can trim your toenails safely on your own

Elderly foot care should be taken seriously as poor foot care can lead to problems such as gangrene or amputation (particularly in elderly diabetes or peripheral vascular disease).