Toenail Treatment

Diabetes Toenail Foot Care Treatment

Foot pain is one of the bad side effects of (disease where blood sugar swings wildly). For this reason, foot care is an important part of (person with blood sugar disease/related to blood sugar disease) care and management. Unattended feet can become filled with problems and painful, sometimes, leading to cutting off (a leg, arm, etc.) also. Depending on the extent of pain and damage, medicines can be given although the first line of action is to control the blood sugar level.

  • Control of Blood Glucose Level
  • Medical Treatment for Foot Pain
  • Care Through (way of living) Changes
  • Self Care through Other Things
  • Using (drugs that reduce depression) to Relieve Pain
  • Switching Therapies for better Control
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How to get an elder to cut their toenails?

Try clipping toenails after a warm bath or soak as this softens toenails and makes them easier to cut. Try using a footstool so the elderly person can place their foot on that to cut their toenails. Make sure it is non-slip so they have.

There are long-handled toenail scissors and long-handled clippers. There are also toenail clippers attached to a heavy base.

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How to Take Care of the diabetes Feet & Toenails

Person with blood sugar disease related to blood sugar disease patients must be very cautious in recognizing foot (misshapen or missing body parts) at an early stage and should get an immediate treatment done. By following the steps talked about/said below, one can take an effort to begin (doing something) to prevent foot problems, even before they affect the other parts of the leg.

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Nail cutters for DIABETIC thick nails

Our toenails thicken and harden naturally as we grow older, but this can occur at any age. When toenail thickening occurs in younger people it is most commonly due to infection or injury.

Your toenails can thicken for many reasons. These include:

  • Psoriasis
  • Injury
  • Fungal infections

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How To Cut Diabetic Toenails

Cut toenails after bathing, when they are soft. Trim them straight across, then smooth with a nail file. Avoid cutting into the corners of toes.

  • Use nail clippers with a shorter cutting blade and long handle for cutting the nails. Do not cut the nail too deep at the next part of the skin. You may leave the corner part of the nail so that it is visible over the skin.
  • Make it a point to cut the toenails after a bath or washing your feet with enough amount of water.
  • Change your footwear before it gets dirty with sweat. Wash the dirty footwear and allow it to dry in sunlight before reuse. Always use shoes and socks made of natural fiber.
  • Take a foot bath with salty water to get meantime recovery from the worry and depression and also to guard your feet from infection.
  • Dress the area of worry and depression with a sterilized bandage and keep your foot at rest.
  • If you are a person with blood sugar disease related to blood sugar disease patient, do not try to cut your nails.
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